Botanical Jewelry Workshop with Carol Jillian, October 26th 2 pm


Join us for this exquisite 2.5 hours floral design class! We are passionate about our work and feel lucky to share our skills and passion with like-minded flower friends.




Wild Veggie Bouquet is honored to announce that  we are  bringing talented internationally published floral couture designer and educator Carol Jillian to Corpus Christi Texas for the one of a kind creative event – Botanical Jewelry Workshop.

Carol  dedicated her life to floral design, and through years developed into a master florist with a unique vision of beauty.

Her work has been published and featured in Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Feroce Magazine, Wedding Chicks, The LA Fashion Magazine, Austin Fit,  Austin Monthly and a variety of online blogs. She is now one of the educators at the Floral Design Institute of America and we are overly excited to  have an opportunity to create with her in our home town Corpus Christi.


This  workshop is a wonderful learning experience for all flower lovers and enthusiasts!   If you’re seeking for a creative recharge, this class will encourage you to see flowers in new exciting ways, make you comfortable with idea that DIY beauty is within your power.

We work in a collaboration with an amazing space in Corpus Christi – Green Light Coffee at the Staples Street, it lends itself beautifully to our focus for our workshop. We will work with a floral design session and make sure our students and their creations are professionally photographed.  Complimentary mimosas are involved!

Join us for a class filled with inspiration and flower fun where together we will create beauty.


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